Extending of the exploitation characteristic of the switched reluctance motor drive using asymmetrical configuration of the motor and the power converter


    This Ph.D. dissertation, written by Vladan Vujičić , deals with the possibility of enlarging the exploiting characteristics of the switched reluctance motor (SRM) by applying the original asymmetric topology of the motor and the asymmetric power converter as well. Due to the complexity of the problem and also to the necessity of examining the great number of variations of the motor parameters, computer simulation has been used in the designing process. The simulation is based on the previously developed, quick and precise SRM model. The proposed model can be equally used for design both asymmetric and symmetric configuration of the SRM drive, and its applicability has been proved by the experiment done on 6/4 three-phase motor.
This paper studies the design of the two types of asymmetric configurations. The first one has asymmetric number of turns per phase, and the other one, beside asymmetry in number of turns, has the unequal widths of stator poles. It has been shown that these configurations allow, to some extent, shaping of the exploiting characteristics of the motor with fixed external dimensions, without affecting the VA characteristics of the power converter. Also, it has been shown that it is possible to design asymmetric SRM drive which, if optimal control is provided, realizes wide range of constant power, much longer than the range of corresponding symmetric drive, with the same output power.

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