Sinteza digitalnog polinomnog regulatora brzine brzinskog servo pogona



Modern AC-motor based speed servo systems have been widely used in numerous automated factory systems. Those systems implied the presence of dust, oil-vapoirs, mechanical vibrations and elevated temperatures, that makes the use of incremental and rotational encoders very difficult. Therefore, in modern speed servo systems, used robust elektromagnetic resolver along with resolver-to-digital (R/D) converter for measurement the position of motor shaft. The resolution of the R/D converter is presented by the user and can be changed in dependence on rotational speed. The resolver-based speed servo systems become suitable even for high performance tasks such as robot servos and precise tools machine. On the other hand, should pay attention on the finite bandwidth of R/D converter which brings in a certain delay in the position feedback. Along with the delay of the electromagnetic torque controller, it can be cause of unadopted overshoot of the regulated speed. Thereby, performance limits of both R/D converter and the electromagnetic torque controller should be taken into account when designing the speed servo systems.

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